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product care

Dummy Clips + Keyrings:
Wipe with a damp cloth & let it air dry. If you 
notice that the dummy clip has come loose please get rid of 
the dummy clip to prevent further damage.


Please note that as much as our dummy clips are properly secured,

beads are still a choking hazard for children. 

Swaddles + Onesies:

Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting.  Line

     dry is best. Do not tumble dry. 

Please try use minimal detergents.

All Plaques + Milestones

Please wipe with DRY soft cloth, aka. ones you clean

your sunglasses with. If a scratch appears, do not fear mama, 

although you can see it your phone camera 

will not. Preferably don't let your bubba 

put it in their mouth!

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