Our new milestone set is here! Offered in 6 colours, of which you will choose 3, each disc in this set will make documenting those bittersweet milestones just a little bit sweeter.


Made to order — please allow a 2 week turnaround time + shipping.


If you would only like 1 colour for all, please choose the same colour for all the options


Product details:

13 discs, from 'earth side'/'i'm here' to 'one year'.


Acrylic, each handpainted with waterbased acrylic paints and coated with clear acrylic. Please expect some discs & colours to have a 'painted' or slightly lighter and darker in spots effect, this is due to particular colours used.


Packaged with a piece of board between each one to prevent sticking.


Care instructions:

Please do not allow your child to put this product in their mouths. While the paints are waterbased and coated, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Store them in their bag with each one separated with a piece of tissue paper.

Milestone Circles